The Acro Züri Verein

The Acro Züri Verein

AcroYoga in Zürich: Some members of the community playing outside

What we do

grow the community

Our love to introduce individuals to AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics in a safe and playful way. For seasoned practitioners we offer opportunities for continuous learning and growing.

organize events

We organise workshops and regular jams in the city of Zurich. They are open to everyone from beginner to more advanced AcroYogis and acrobats.

boost its popularity

Encouraging people to practice and share AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics is important to us. We believe that the world needs more teamwork, community, and joy.

facilitate access

We are lucky to have a gym hall two times a week to host our very own Verein Jams. This way, we can also train in winter and use our mats and longe for more difficult tricks.


Regular or spontaneous jams happen all the time. To get an overview of days, locations and times, please check out this page.

Workshops organised by the Verein will be announced in the Newsletter or in our Telegram Channel.

15th Jan 2023 – Acro Züri Day!


Our Board

The current board is a mix of teachers and active community members predominantly with backgrounds in Partner Acrobatics or Acroyoga. However, we strive to represent a wider variety of related communities, creating a colorful melting pot of different circus disciplines and acrobatic sports.

Julian Bläsi


El presidente. Every jam is better when Julian is around. Same goes for festivals. Actually same goes for pretty much everywhere (the exception is traffic jams).

Michèle Spörri

Vice President

Superwoman. On and off the matt. What else? Fun fact: can throw punches that ends exactly 1cm before impact. How? Why? Go ask her!

Xavier Garcia


On a quest to refine balance, in acroyoga poses and in the Verein's finances.

Nicholas Clarke


If you hear somebody singing while doing Acro then you've found Nick. Known to do awesome tricks while being humble about it as well as for feeling it is nearly ALWAYS too hot to train, but of course does it anyway.

Jasmina Gloor


It isn't exciting to write about yourself, so I ain't gonna do it. I let my picture speak for itself and instead extend an invitation: come say hello, I'm happy to meet you.

Adrian Garate

Events & Locations

Adi is an Acro OG. If you ever look for Acro in close or faraway places, he knows everbody and all those everybodies appreciate him dearly.

Salvatore Daniele


Some call him Grandmaster, that's because he teaches beyond Acroyoga. So if you look to go further than the physical practice itself Salva is known to deliver.

Judith Kleinheins

Minister without Portfolio

We stole Judith from Germany, lucky us, because she is the three big C's. COOL. CURIOUS. And CALM enough to do lots of crazy flying and tricks!


Andreas Dubach


Has the coolest trousers

Alex Buchwald

Minister without Portfolio

Has the coolest trousers