AcroYoga Jams in Zurich (unguided open trainings)

AcroYoga Jams in Zurich (unguided open trainings)

When and where is the next AcroYoga Jam in Zurich taking place? Who is it for? What do you need to bring? Here you find the answers.

What are Jams and who can join?

Jams are open and unguided trainings where we come together to play, have fun, and work on our goals. While there are no teachers present, there’s often a handful of more experienced AcroYogis or acrobats who are happy to help. The Verein organises regular jams in a training hall with mats and a longe, but we also work with other groups to provide access to even more locations. In addition to that, there are spontaneous outdoor jams happening whenever the weather permits. Below you’ll find a list of trainings.

Regular Acro Züri Jams

Wednesday Jam (TBZ)

Saturday Jam (Kernstrasse)

Self-organised Outdoor Jams

Whenever the weather permits, we love to gather somewhere outside and play together. These so-called jams are self-organized, usually in our Telegram Group. Most jams take place at either Chinawiese or Josefwiese. It’s a great opportunity to get a sense of what AcroYoga is all about and meet some new people. There’s really worse things to do than being out in the sun and having fun. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional – everyone is welcome!

Other Trainings

There are other acrobatics groups who meet regularly but are not organised through the Verein. 

  • The movement room in Rote Fabrik hosts open training on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.
  • Zirkus Robinson hosts an open training on Sunday evening.
  • Zirkusquartier offers open training for acrobatics, alongside other movement disciplines (silks, juggling etc) on Monday and Thursday.
  • The university of Zurich also offers guided trainings within the ASVZ (academic sports club), the so-called Manege, several times a week for students and members of staff.
  • On Friday, there’s an acro/aerial jam held at GZ Heuried from 18:30-21:30.


Yes. While we do recommend taking classes in the beginning to get familiar with the basics and how to safely train by yourself, it is possible to join any jam. Be aware that practicing AcroYoga and/or partner acrobatics carries certain risks, so when a practitioner at the jam expresses safety concerns or advises you to use a spotter (third person for support), please follow their advice. On this note, you are always welcome to ask for help and tips!

We recommend you come in comfortable training clothes, bring your own bottle of water and maybe a towel. For outdoor jams you’ll have to bring your own yoga mat.
If a jam is donation-based and you’re not a member, please bring the corresponding amount in cash as it might not be possible to get change if you bring more than the required amount.

Optional for people with long hair: Bring a hair tie! Your base will thank you and no one will accidentally pull your hair 😉

If you want to participate at the jams regularly, it definitely makes sense to become a member. The annual membership cost is CHF 100 and grants you free training at the Verein jams on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Furthermore, membership fees allow us to buy training equipment such as mats, longes, etc. for the community as well as to offer workshops at reduced prices for members. Click here to register to become a member.

You have great ideas on how to grow the community or something that could benefit everyone? Please get in touch with us!