AcroYoga & Partner Acrobatics in Zurich

AcroYoga & Partner Acrobatics in Zurich

Whether you are a beginner looking to take your first steps into the world of AcroYoga or a seasoned acrobat looking for a network of like-minded people, this is the place where you’ll find all the necessary information on free trainings (jams), workshops, classes, and teachers in Zurich.
AcroYoga in Zürich: Some members of the community playing outside

AcroYoga Jams

AcroYogis and acrobats like to meet up for free training whenever possible. If the weather permits, we’re usually somewhere outdoors in the parks, on rainy days we like to set up our playground in gym halls provided by the Verein or by partner organisations. These jams are self-organised and there are neither teachers nor any guided training. Instead, we work on individual tricks and help each other reach these goals safely.

AcroYoga Classes

Fortunately, Zurich is home to lots of great AcroYoga teachers who all bring something unique to the table. Whether you are more into the Yogic side of AcroYoga or want to work on technique and drills, you will find a class that caters to your needs. We are happy to offer information on classes offered in Zurich. If you don’t know which level suits you best, talk to one of us or someone from the community.

Acro Züri Verein

It is our goal to provide access to AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics for everyone. We organise training spaces, advocate for our discipline, help facilitate communication and gather information on everything acro-related so anyone interest can easily find what they need. Do you want to know more about the Verein or do you have great ideas how to grow the community? Learn more or become a member yourself!

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